Administering application availability using Symantec High Availability dashboard

The Symantec High Availability Dashboard is a consolidated graphic user interface that lets you administer application monitoring on systems in a VMware vCenter-administered data center.

The dashboard is fully integrated with the VMware vSphere Client GUI. The dashboard appears in the Symantec High Availability tab of the VMware vSphere Client GUI. To view the dashboard, select a data center or an ESX cluster in the inventory, and then click the Symantec High Availability tab.


To administer application availability using the dashboard, single sign-on between the system and Symantec High Availability Console must be configured. Also, the application-specific agent must be appropriately configured.

For more information, see the Symantec High Availability Solution Guide for VMware.

On the dashboard, you can view the aggregate health statistics for monitored applications across a data center. You can also drill down to an ESX cluster and view monitored applications running in that cluster.

To understand how to navigate across the dashboard:

See Understanding the dashboard work area.

You can drill down to an individual application and perform the following administrative actions:

Apart from applications on systems running Symantec Cluster Server, the Symantec High Availability Dashboard also displays applications running on Symantec ApplicationHA guests (versions 6.0 and 5.1 SP2).

For more information on monitoring applications running on Symantec ApplicationHA guests:

See Monitoring applications running on Symantec ApplicationHA guests.