SmartIO command reference

Table: SmartIO command reference lists commands for using the SmartIO feature.

See the sfcache(1M) manual page.

Table: SmartIO command reference



sfcache app

Applies the specified template name.

sfcache create

Creates a cache area.

sfcache delete

Deletes the specified cache area.

sfcache disable

Disables caching for the specified data object.

sfcache enable

Enables caching for the specified data object.

sfcache flush

Flushes any write-back data for this file system or cache.

sfcache list

Displays the cached file systems or volumes and their cache usage.

sfcache load

Loads the specified file into the cache area.

sfcache maxsize

Displays the amount of free space in the devices that are already provisioned for caching.

sfcache offline

Stops VxFS or VxVM from using a cache area.

sfcache online

Explicitly makes a cache area available.

sfcache pin

Marks a file or directory to be held in the cache until the file or directory is deleted, truncated, or unpinned.

sfcache purge

Removes the cached contents for the specified file system.

sfcache resize

Resizes the specified cache area.

sfcache restore-access

Enables read or write access to files that are missing writeback data. This command does not restore the missing data.

sfcache rmdev

Removes the device or devices from use for caching.

sfcache set

Sets the values for the specified attributes.

sfcache stat

Displays the cache statistics, including cache hit rate, misses, average read and write latencies.

sfcache unpin

Removes the file or directory from the pinned state.