About replicated data clusters

In a replicated data cluster no shared disks exist. Instead, a data replication product synchronizes copies of data between nodes or sites. Replication can take place at the application, host, and storage levels. Application-level replication products, such as Oracle DataGuard, maintain consistent copies of data between systems at the SQL or database levels. Host-based replication products, such as Veritas Volume Replicator, maintain consistent storage at the logical volume level. Storage-based or array-based replication maintains consistent copies of data at the disk or RAID LUN level.

Figure: Shared storage replicated data cluster shows a hybrid shared storage and replicated data cluster, in which different failover priorities are assigned to nodes according to particular service groups.

Figure: Shared storage replicated data cluster

Shared storage replicated data cluster

You can also configure replicated data clusters without the ability to fail over locally, but this configuration is not recommended.

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