Setting or changing the product level for keyless licensing

Run the vxkeyless command to set the component level for the coponents you have purchased. This option also requires that you manage the server or cluster with a management server.

See the vxkeyless(1m) manual page.

To set or change the product level

  1. View the current setting for the component level.
    # vxkeyless [-v] display
  2. View the possible settings for the component level.
    # vxkeyless displayall
  3. Set the desired component level.
    # vxkeyless [-q] set prod_levels

    Where prod_levels is a comma-separated list of keywords. Use the keywords returned by the vxkeyless displayall command.

    If you want to remove keyless licensing and enter a key, you must clear the keyless licenses. Use the NONE keyword to clear all keys from the system.

    Note that clearing the keys disables the components until you install a new key or set a new component level.

To clear the product license level

  1. View the current setting for the component license level.
    # vxkeyless [-v] display
  2. If there are keyless licenses installed, remove all keyless licenses:
    # vxkeyless [-q] set NONE