Sample virtual business service configuration

This section provides a sample virtual business service configuration comprising a multi-tier application. Figure: Sample virtual business service configuration shows a Finance application that is dependent on components that run on three different operating systems and on three different clusters.

Figure: Sample virtual business service configuration

Sample virtual business service configuration

Each time you start the Finance business application, typically you need to bring the components online in the following order - Oracle database, WebSphere, Apache and IIS. In addition, you must bring the virtual machines online before you start the Web tier. To stop the Finance application, you must take the components offline in the reverse order. From the business perspective, the Finance service is unavailable if any of the tiers becomes unavailable.

When you configure the Finance application as a virtual business service, you can specify that the Oracle database must start first, followed by WebSphere and the Web servers. The reverse order automatically applies when you stop the virtual business service. When you start or stop the virtual business service, the components of the service are started or stopped in the defined order.

For more information about Virtual Business Services, refer to the Virtual Business Service - Availability User's Guide.