Installation and Upgrade Report for NetBackup (NBU) 8.2, Windows Server 2016 Data Center (Report ID: XXXXX, Data collector version: XXXX) 
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Report for Sample Windows

Product to be installed/upgraded:NetBackup
Platform: Windows Server 2016 Data Center
System model: VMware, Inc. VMware Virtual Platform
Run time: 2020-04-15 04:15:53

This section summarizes the results of all environmental checks. Icons indicates the check status:
indicates the system failed the check.
indicates the system passed the check.
indicates the system does not meet a recommended (but not required) threshold or setting. This is a warning.
indicates the check result includes information about the system without judgment or comparison to a threshold. An example of an information-only check result would be the system's physical memory size.
indicates the data could not be collected because the command failed.

This section lists the Veritas-related components installed on your system as well as links to relevant documentation.

Installed productsVersion

This section identifies the platform version and patch level, whether the platform supports 64-bit operations, and the results of any other platform-related checks.

Platform patch level

  •   The system has the required operating system patch(es) or other more recent patches/service packs.
  • This section displays the total memory, processors, disk space, and the results of any other system-related checks.

    Number of CPU cores

  •   Physical CPU count=2, Cores=1. It is recommended that there be 4 CPU cores on master server hosts.
  • CPU speed

  •   The processors for this computer execute at 2497 MHz.