Checklist for Storage Foundation for DB2


5.1 (AIX 6.1 POWER) 5.1 (AIX 5.3 POWER) 5.0MP3 (AIX 6.1 POWER)
5.0MP3 (AIX 5.3 POWER) 5.0MP1 (AIX 5.3 POWER) 5.0MP1 (AIX 5.2 POWER)
5.0 (AIX 5.3 POWER) 5.0 (AIX 5.2 POWER)

On Linux:

5.1 (Linux RHEL5 x86-64) 5.1 (Linux SLES10 x86-64) 5.0RU4 (Linux SLES11 POWER)
5.0RU4 (Linux SLES10 POWER) 5.0RU4 (Linux SLES10 x86-64) 5.0MP4 (Linux RHEL5 POWER)
5.0MP4 (Linux RHEL5 x86-64) 5.0MP4 (Linux RHEL4 x86-64) 5.0MP4 (Linux SLES11 POWER)
5.0MP4 (Linux SLES11 x86-64) 5.0MP4 (Linux SLES10 POWER) 5.0MP4 (Linux SLES10 x86-64)
5.0MP4 (Linux SLES9 x86-64) 5.0MP3 (Linux RHEL5 x86-64) 5.0MP3 (Linux RHEL4 x86-64)
5.0MP3 (Linux SLES10 x86-64) 5.0MP3 (Linux SLES9 x86-64) 5.0MP2 (Linux RHEL4 x86-64)
5.0MP2 (Linux SLES9 x86-64) 5.0MP1 (Linux RHEL4 x86-64) 5.0MP1 (Linux SLES9 x86-64)
5.0 (Linux RHEL4 x86-64) 5.0 (Linux SLES9 x86-64)

On Solaris:

5.1 (Solaris 10 SPARC) 5.1 (Solaris 9 SPARC) 5.0MP3 (Solaris 10 SPARC)
5.0MP3 (Solaris 9 SPARC) 5.0MP3 (Solaris 8 SPARC) 5.0MP1 (Solaris 10 SPARC)
5.0MP1 (Solaris 9 SPARC) 5.0MP1 (Solaris 8 SPARC) 5.0 (Solaris 10 SPARC)
5.0 (Solaris 9 SPARC) 5.0 (Solaris 8 SPARC)
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