Quick Access to SORT Features

Use this tab to get a quick access to main SORT functions. You can customize which widgets to be displayed and the layout of the widgets on Dashboard. After you log in SORT, SORT remembers your customization about Dashboard.
Widgets available for Dashboard
Custom Reports Using Data Collectors

A custom report contains a list of passed and failed checks and their corresponding details.
Installation and Upgrade Checklist

View recommendations about installing or upgrading your Veritas enterprise product you specify.
Risk Assessment Checklist

View configuration recommendations based on your Veritas product and platform.

Get Veritas documentation for your product, platform, and language.
Products and Platforms Lookups

View available products and versions by the selected platform, or view the supported platforms by the selected products and versions.
License Calculators

Get assistance on the server tier lookup and pricing meter transition.

Filter and download patches for your product, version, and platform.
Error Code Lookup

Search for descriptions and solutions of error codes by message numbers or text.
Array-Specific Modules

Filter and view modules, including ASLs, APMs, DDIs, and DDLs.
High Availability Agents

Filter and download InfoScale, Cluster Server (VCS), and ApplicationHA agents and documentation.

Get email notifications about new patches, documentation, HCLs, high availability agents, and other important information.
NetBackup Hot Fix and EEB Release Auditor

View the issues that the specified hot fix or EEB resolves, and the product version where the issue is resolved.
NetBackup Future Platform and Feature Plans

View the future plan of the NetBackup family.
NetBackup Status Code Lookup

Search the Veritas support website for documentation and technical solutions for NetBackup status codes.
NetBackup Operating System Compatibility Checker

Find what versions of NetBackup support various versions of the operating systems
NetBackup Database and Application Agent Compatibility Checker

Find what database or application version is supported on your present version or future version of NetBackup and on what operating systems.
Veritas Services and Operations Readiness Tools News

View latest news about Veritas products, releases, and the SORT website.
Use this tab manage your reports. SORT reports contain critical information that helps automate and simplify time-consuming administrator tasks. The reports can be:
  • Installation and Upgrade
  • Risk Assessment
  • License/Deployment
The data collector can also generate VxExplorer report, but you must upload those reports to the Veritas Technical Support server.
Reports features
  • Filter, view, or delete uploaded reports.
  • Print or save reports as PDFs, text, or spreadsheets.
  • Upload reports.
  • Email reports to others.
Tip: To manage reports, they must be associated with a Veritas Account. You must sign in to use the features on this tab. If you do not want to log in, go to Dashboard and follow the instructions on the Custom Reports Using Data Collectors widget to create reports anonymously.
Use this tab to view your Veritas enterprise product configurations, track configuration changes, and share the information with others.
Systems features
  • Filter, view, or delete your system configurations.
  • Track system configuration changes over time.
  • Compare configurations among up to four systems.
  • Print system configurations or save them as PDFs.
  • Set up system-specific notifications.
Tip: Before you can use SORT's Systems features, you must create at least one custom report and upload it to SORT.
SORT notifications are automatic emails that can alert you about new:
  • Array Support Libraries (ASLs)/Array Policy Modules (APMs)
  • Hardware compatibility lists (HCLs)
  • High availability agents (InfoScale, VCS, VCSOne, and ApplicationHA)
  • NetBackup Future Platform and Feature Plans
  • NetBackup Hot Fix/EEB release
  • Patches
  • Product documents
  • SFHA Future Platform and Feature Plans
  • SORT releases
Notifications features

Manage Notifications to create, view, edit or delete a notification
  • General notifications - Recommendations for your entire data center
  • System-specific notifications - Recommendations for individual servers
Tip: You can also create or view notifications using the Notifications widget on the Dashboard page.

  • Use this page to view all your notifications for the last six months. To see the history of individual notifications, go to the Edit page.
Installation and Upgrade Statistics, Risk Assessment Statistics and Shared groups
Shared Groups and Statistics features
Shared Groups
  • Create, delete, or rename a group.
  • Add or remove a system from a group.
  • Share groups with others.
Installation and Upgrade Statistics
  • Pass and fail rates by platform and product
  • Error statistics
  • Documentation links
Risk Assessment Statistics
  • Summaries by platform, product, risk check, and system.