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Release type: Hot Fix
Release date: 2007-07-04
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 Applies to one or more of the following products:
Storage Foundation 4.0MP4 On AIX 5.2
Storage Foundation 4.0MP4 On AIX 5.3
Storage Foundation for DB2 4.0MP4 On AIX 5.2
Storage Foundation for DB2 4.0MP4 On AIX 5.3
Storage Foundation for Oracle 4.0MP4 On AIX 5.2
Storage Foundation for Oracle 4.0MP4 On AIX 5.3
Storage Foundation HA 4.0MP4 On AIX 5.2
Storage Foundation HA 4.0MP4 On AIX 5.3
Volume Manager 4.0MP4 On AIX 5.2
Volume Manager 4.0MP4 On AIX 5.3
Volume Replicator 4.0MP4 On AIX 5.2
Volume Replicator 4.0MP4 On AIX 5.3

 Obsolete patches, incompatibilities, superseded patches, or other requirements:

This patch is obsolete. It is superseded by: Release date
4.0MP4RP4 VRTSvxvm 2008-06-06
4.0MP4RP3 (obsolete) 2007-09-10 4.0 MP4RP2HF3) (obsolete) 2007-07-18

This patch supersedes the following patches: Release date 4.0 MP4RP2HF1 - vxio binary alone) (obsolete) 2007-06-29
4.0MP4RP2 (obsolete) 2007-06-27 4.0 MP4RP1HF1) (obsolete) 2007-04-27
4.0MP4RP1 (obsolete) 2007-02-26

 Fixes the following incidents:
1033898, 1034116, 1036346, 1043361, 1043366, 1048887, 1052343, 1053054, 1053154, 1053238, 1053254, 1054124, 1066574, 1069553, 1069576, 1075645, 1079186, 1083928, 900106, 901266, 917202, 922251, 922252, 922253, 922255, 922259, 922263, 924164, 935583

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NOTE: This is not a QA certified patch. It is a HotFix.


                Volume Manager (Rolling-Patch_2)

Patch Information:

Date:           04th July 2007
AIX Release:    AIX 5.2 /AIX 5.3
Product:        VERITAS Volume Manager
Release:        VxVM 4.0
Fileset:        VRTSvxvm
Fileset level:  VxVM
Description:    VERITAS Volume Manager (VxVM) 4.0MP4 + Rolling-Patch_2 + Hotfix2.


1. VxVM release level (minimum)
2. AIX release level 5.2 TL8 and above (minimum)
3. AIX release level 5.3 TL5 Plus Service Pack 1 and above (minimum)

Support for AIX 5.1 is not available for this release.

Software patch for the VERITAS volume Manager(VxVM) to install over the VRTSvxvm fileset.

Binaries included in this Rolling patch:

Installation Procedure:

If the currently installed VRTSvxvm is below level, you
must upgrade VRTSvxvm to level before installing this patch.

AIX maintenance levels and APARs can be downloaded from the
IBM web site:


1. Since the patch process will configure the new kernel extensions,
ensure that no VxVM volumes are in use or open or mounted before
starting the installation procedure

2. Use the installp or Smit to install the patch image.

   Using installp:

   0. Before applying this patch, please kill the vxsvc process:

        /opt/VRTSob/bin/vxsvcctrl stop

   1. To apply this patch, use following command.

        installp -ag -d ./VRTSvxvm.04.00.0004.0022.bff VRTSvxvm

   2. To apply and commit this patch, use following command

        installp -acg -d ./VRTSvxvm.04.00.0004.0022.bff VRTSvxvm

   NOTE: Please refer installp(1M) man page for clear understanding
   on APPLY & COMMIT state of the package/patch.

   Using Smit:

        Software Installation and Maintenance ->
        Install and Update Software ->
        Update Installed Software to Latest Level

   3. Reboot the system after the installation is complete.

Deinstallation Procedure:

If patch installation is in "APPLY" state, patch image can be rejected
or deinstalled. For rejecting the patch image, please use following

     installp -r -V VRTSvxvm

This command will reject/deinstall the VRTSvxvm (MP4 RP2 HF2) patch.
Patch contents cannot be rejected/deinstalled if it is in COMMITed state.
Note that rejecting the patch will stop the vxconfigd(1M) (VxVM configuration
Daemon). Please start vxconfigd manually or reboot the system.

NOTE: Please refer SF 4.0 Installation Guide for AIX minimum level

Incidents fixed in this patch (entire list):
1) Incident e1033898:
        AIX:DMP: vxdmpadm start restore is called before vxconfigd is up.
2) Incident e1034116:
        AIX: No need to say fencing ioctl succeeded
3) Incident e1036346:
        AIX: VOL_TIMEOUT*() macros can hang the system
4) Incident e1043361:
        Customer Escalation: Open Failing on Passive Paths
5) Incident e1043366:
        Escalation: Memory Leak in VM & DMP plugin of VxMS
        Adding support passive path - Adding VF_OID_DUMMY flag
6) Incident e1048887:
        DG import can fail due to change in errno when vxconfigd debug trace is on
7) Incident e1052343 :
        AIX VXFS_Checkpoint MSC backup failed with "premature end of file"
8) Incident e1053054 :
        Willow 5.0: Hazard read data corruption
9) Incident e1053154:
        Escalation: Titan Case 290-543-757 -"Storage Extensions doesn"t work" - dg_set_curre
nt fails for bootdg
10) Incident e1053238:
        Escalation: Storage Extensions doesn"t work - VM plugin of VxMS tries to claim "/"
11) Incident e1053254:
        VM plugin of VxMS fails to initialise the private data of log plex and it results in
 buildmapdomain to fail
12) Incident e1054124:
        AIX : System Panic on dmpdaemon thread : efsc_strategy()<-- dmp_fcp_send_pkt()<--dmp
13) Incident e1066574:
        need to change dmp_get_path_state() to only check for write protection for Symmetrix
14) Incident e1069553:
        ./src/common/kernel/vxvm/structs.c file (&data->rv_config_msg); is not needed as rv_
config_msg is not member of struct volrv

15) Incident e900106 :
        AxRT sfcfs filesystems fail to mount on reboot V-5-1-684 IPC failure:
        Configuration daemon is not accessible
16) Incident e901266 :
        vxconvert removed LVM and failed to convert
17) Incident e917202 :
        AIX:vxconvert default layout does not have the correct default naming logic
18) Incident e922251 :
        DCO enabling during I/O serialization of multiple SIOs may
        fail if system crashes
19) Incident e922252 :
        vxesd is giving core after configuration change.
20) Incident e922253:
        Even with FMR3 DRL full resync is required
21) Incident e922259:
        AIX:vxconvert " .DISKADD.LOCK" should get removed after reboot
22) Incident e924164:
        CVM Reboot Resources Fault-(RETEST)Qualification AxRT SFOR 4.0mp4 DMP
        AIX 5.3 DS4300a0a
23) Incident e935583:
        vxresize shrink goes ahead even when the volume is in disabled state
24) Incident e922255:
        VxVM: panic in volsio_rwop_setup using orapp
25) Incident e922263:
        AIX:vxconvert needs a correct "Disk_Access_Name" or message needs to be changed

26) Incident e1075645:
        CVM: Disabling paths on volumes on shared disks not performed

27) Incident e1079186:
        IO Errors during SVC node add/remove test sequence

28) Incident e1083928:
        dmpnode get disabled when dmp_fast_recovey=yes and inquiry returns

29) Incident e1069576 :
        AIX: Detection of SAS disks under VxVM control
        Please Note that this incident e1069576 has not been QA Certified

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