4.1MP2RP2 for 11iv2
The latest patch(es) : fs-hpux1123-4.1MP2RP14 

 Basic information
Release type: Rolling Patch
Release date: 2008-03-12
OS update support: None
Technote: 275787
Documentation: None
Popularity: 508 viewed    17 downloaded
Download size: 14.14 MB
Checksum: 297435871

 Applies to one or more of the following products:
File System 4.1 MP2 On HP-UX 11i v2 (11.23)
Storage Foundation 4.1 MP2 On HP-UX 11i v2 (11.23)
Storage Foundation Cluster File System 4.1 MP2 On HP-UX 11i v2 (11.23)
Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC 4.1 MP2 On HP-UX 11i v2 (11.23)
Storage Foundation HA 4.1 MP2 On HP-UX 11i v2 (11.23)

 Obsolete patches, incompatibilities, superseded patches, or other requirements:

This patch is obsolete. It is superseded by: Release date
fs-hpux1123-4.1MP2RP12 (obsolete) 2011-11-17
fs-hpux1123-4.1MP2RP10 (obsolete) 2011-03-10
fs-hpux1123-4.1MP2RP9 (obsolete) 2010-10-12
fs-hpux1123-4.1MP2RP7 2009-10-12
fs-hpux1123-4.1MP2RP6 (obsolete) 2009-06-05
fs-hpux1123-4.1MP2RP4 2008-12-24
fs-hpux1123-4.1MP2RP3 (obsolete) 2008-10-22

This patch requires: Release date
4.1 MP2a 2007-11-20

 Fixes the following incidents:
1172814, 1173717, 1204160, 1205677, 1205691, 1207015, 1207019, 1207020, 1207466, 1208325, 1214740

 Patch ID:

Readme file
Date: 2008-03-12
OS Version: 11.23
Etrack Incidents: 1172814, 1173717, 1204160, 1205677, 1205691, 1207015, 1207019, 1207020, 1207466, 1208325, 1214740
Case IDs: 210-051-603, 210-052-068, 311-743-767, 290-922-950, 290-895-524, 210-073-126, 311-829-190
Link to Technote: http://seer.entsupport.symantec.com/docs/275787.htm
SF RAC Certify:

Errors/Problems Fixed:
e1172814 (845728)  Poor random read through buffer cache
e1173717 (1175131) vxdump shows incorrect dates for "level 0 dump" in output
e1204160 (851250)  Enhancement to vx_getattr() taking IGLOCK in share mode
e1205677 (1206395) Data corruption with VxfS MP2 patch PHKL_36114
e1205691 (1205689) looping in vx_pull_range during exop processing of VX_IERTRUNC and VX_IETRIM
e1207015 (1180759) panic: deadlock: terminated process associated with filelock -- vx_lockctl not allowing release of locks on filesystem disable
e1207019 (1186458) Null pointer panic in bcopy via vx_populate_attrdata()
e1207020 (1198392) VXFS: fsckpt_fsopen and fsckpt_fsclose result in a massive leaking file descriptors
e1207466 (1193509) Fix for JAGag26521 is causing data-corruptions resulting in build failures in 11.31 KFT
e1208325 (1021279) FSONCALL(210-073-126): HP - fsadm shrink does not move indirect IFILT blocks
e1214740 (1214738) VxFS 4.1 11.23 sendfile_rele() panic at VOP_BRELSE(b->b_vp)

Install/Uninstall Instructions:

1.Installing VxFS 4.1 MP2RP2 patch:

  a)If you install this patch on a CVM cluster, install it one
    system at a time so that all the nodes are not brought down
  b)VxFS 4.1(GA)  must be installed before applying these

  c)To verify the VERITAS file system level, enter:

	# swlist -l product | egrep -i "VRTSvxfs"

    VRTSvxfs     4.1        VERITAS File System

  d)All prerequisite/corequisite patches have to be installed.The Kernel patch
    requires a system reboot for both installation and removal.

  e)To install the patch, enter the following command:

	# swinstall -x autoreboot=true -s <patch_directory> PHKL_37840 PHCO_37841

2.Removing VxFS 4.1-MP2RP2 patch:

  a)To remove the patch, enter the following command:

	# swremove -x autoreboot=true PHKL_37840 PHCO_37841

Additional Notes:
Special Installation Instruction: 
This patch requires the JFS fsck(1M) binary to be present at the
standard location (/sbin/fs/vxfs/fsck). The swverify(1M) command can be
used to verify the integrity of the JFS.VXFS-BASE-RUN fileset that
contains the fsck(1M) binary.
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