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Removing a Primary from an RDS

The Remove Primary from an RDS task removes a Primary RVG from an RDS and thus, deletes the corresponding RDS.

Prerequisites for deleting a Primary RVG:

  All Secondary hosts in the RDS must be removed. For more information, see Removing a Secondary from a Replicated Data Set.

  It is recommended that you stop all applications before you issue this command.

The Remove Primary from an RDS task performs the following by default:

 To remove a Primary from an RDS

  1. Choose Configure Replicated Data Set (RDS)> Remove Primary from an RDS.
  2. Select the RVG from the list.

    The following screen displays:

Click the thumbnail above to view full-sized image.

  1. The RDS name selected in step 2 displays in the RDS Name field. The associated disk group displays in the Disk Group field.
  2. In the Remove Primary even if the Primary RVG is not stopped entry field, press tab to select yes; otherwise, keep the default setting to no.

      Note   To determine the appropriate setting, press F1 to view help.

  3. To initiate the task, press enter.

    The command status screen displays.

  4. Press F3 until you return to the main menu.