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Uninstalling the product

If you need to uninstall SFCFS software. Use the uninstallsfcfs script.

 To uninstall SFCFS HA

  1. Log in as superuser.

      Note   Do not use the hastop -force command to stop VCS.

  2. Change directory to /opt/VRTS/install:

# cd /opt/VRTS/install

  1. Run the uninstallsfcfs command to uninstall SFCFS. The uninstallsfcfs script uses ssh to communicate with remote nodes as default:

# ./uninstallsfcfs

If you want to use rsh you must specify on the command line:

# ./uninstallsfcfs -rsh

  1. Enter the system names to uninstall SFCFS.

    Enter the system names separated by spaces on which to

    uninstall SFCFS: system01 system02

  2. Enter y to uninstall SFCFS.

    Are you sure you want to uninstall SFCFS? [y,n,q] (y)