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Ensuring the file systems are clean (full only)

Before upgrading to SFCFS 5.0, ensure that the file systems are clean. To ensure that the logs have been replayed and the file systems are marked clean:

 To ensure the file systems are clean

  1. Log in as superuser onto any node in the cluster.
  2. Offline the group on each node of the cluster:

    # hagrp -offline group -sys system01

    # hagrp -offline group -sys system02

    # hagrp -offline group -sys system03

    # hagrp -offline group -sys system04

where group is the VCS service group that has the CVMVolDg and CFSMount resource.

  Note   Repeat step 2 for each SFCFS service group.

  1. Check and repair each file system:

    # fsck -t vxfs /dev/vx/dsk/diskgroup/volume

      Note   Repeat step 3 for each file system.