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Performing the upgrade (phased or full)

This section describes how to upgrade for phased or full.

If you are performing a phased upgrade, select one or more nodes to upgrade.

 To perform the upgrade

  1. Log in as superuser.
  2. Insert the appropriate media disc per your distribution and architecture into your system's DVD-ROM drive.
  3. If volume management software is running on your system, the software disc automatically mounts as /mnt/cdrom.

    If volume management software is not available to mount the disc, you must mount it manually, enter:

    # mount -o ro /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom

  4. Change to the top-level directory on the disc:

    # cd /mnt/cdrom

  5. Verify there are no VxFS file systems mounted on the nodes being upgraded:

    # mount -t vxfs

    1. If any VxFS file systems are mounted, offline the group on each node of the cluster:

      # hagrp -offline group -sys system01

      # hagrp -offline group -sys system02

      # hagrp -offline group -sys system03

      # hagrp -offline group -sys system04

where group is the VCS service group that has the CVMVolDg and CFSMount resource.

  1. Repeat step a for each SFCFS service group.
  1. If performing a phased upgrade, start the installation procedure from the node selected in the cluster. In the following example the phased upgrade is performed on one node in a four-node cluster.

      Note   Ensure that the HAD daemon of VCS is running on all nodes selected for the upgrade.

    # ./installsfcfs system01 system02

    1. Press Return.

If performing a full upgrade, start the installation from any node in the cluster.

# ./installsfcfs

  1. Press y to upgrade the cluster configuration.
  1. Press Return to begin installing infrastructure packages.
  2. Press Return to begin license verification.
  3. Press Return to begin the uninstall. The uninstall utility checks the system's uninstallation requirements and identifies packages, patches and dependencies.

      Note   The output can be extensive and exceed 100 lines, depending on your configuration.

  4. If VCS is running you are prompted to upgrade and reset the VCS password. To ensure security, passwords are not written to the install log.

    installsfcfs must now make configuration updates and stop

    the cluster before upgrading VCS packages.

    Are you ready to begin the Cluster Server upgrade at this

    time? [y,n,q]

  5. Enter y.
  6. At the prompt, enter your new password.
  7. Reenter your new password.
  8. Output shows information that Cluster Server must be started on a running system. Enter y to continue.
  9. Press Return to begin removing the previous packages and installing the new.
  10. Press Return again for summary information about logs and reboots.

      Note   Do not remove the log files until the Veritas products are working properly on your system. Technical Support will need these log files for debugging purposes.

  11. If performing a phased upgrade, proceed to Shutting down VCS (phased only).

    If performing a full upgrade, proceed to Updating the configuration and confirm startup (phased or full).