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Primary SRL volume overflow recovery

Because the size of the Primary SRL is finite, prolonged halts in update activity to any RLINK can exceed the log's ability to maintain all the necessary update history to bring an RLINK up-to-date. When this occurs, the RLINK in question is marked as stale and requires manual recovery before replication can proceed. A stale RLINK can only be brought up-to-date by using automatic synchronization or a block-level backup and checkpoint. The other RLINKs, the RVG, and the SRL volume are all still operational.

SRL overflow protection can be set up to prevent SRL overflow, and is the default. Instead of allowing the RLINK to become stale, dcm logging is initiated. At a later time when the communication link is not overloaded, you can incrementally resynchronize the RLINK using the vradmin resync rvg command.