About detecting target ID reuse if the operating system device tree is not cleaned up

If you try to reprovision a LUN or set of LUNs whose previously-valid operating system device entries are not cleaned up, the following messages are displayed. Also, DMP reconfiguration during the DMP device scan and DMP reconfiguration are temporarily inhibited.

VxVM vxdisk ERROR V-5-1-14519 Data Corruption Protection Activated - User Corrective Action Needed

VxVM vxdisk INFO V-5-1-14521 To recover, first ensure that the OS device tree is up to date (requires OS specific commands).

VxVM vxdisk INFO V-5-1-14520 Then, execute 'vxdisk rm' on the following devices before reinitiating device discovery. <DA names>

The message above indicates that a new LUN is trying to reuse the target ID of an older LUN. The device entries have not been cleaned, so the new LUN cannot use the target ID. Until the operating system device tree is cleaned up, DMP prevents this operation.

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