Cleaning up the operating system device tree after removing LUNs

After you remove LUNs, you must clean up the operating system device tree.

The operating system commands may vary, depending on the Solaris version. The following procedure uses Solaris 10 with the Leadville stack. If any of these steps do not produce the desired result, contact Oracle support.

To clean up the operating system device tree after removing LUNs

  1. Run the format command. In the command output, a device that has been removed includes the text <drive not available>.
    413. c3t5006048ACAFE4A7Cd252 <drive not available>
  2. Use Storage Array Management or the command line to unmap the LUNs. After they are unmapped, Solaris indicates the devices are either unusable or failing.
    # cfgadm -al -o show_SCSI_LUN | grep -i unusable
    c2::5006048acafe4a73,256 disk connected configured unusable
    c3::5006048acafe4a7c,255 disk connected configured unusable
    # cfgadm -al -o show_SCSI_LUN | grep -i failing
    c2::5006048acafe4a73,71 disk connected configured failing
    c3::5006048acafe4a7c,252 disk connected configured failing

  3. If the output indicates the LUNs are failing, you must force an LIP on the HBA.
    # luxadm -e forcelip /devices/pci@1d,700000/SUNW,qlc@1,1/fp

    This operation probes the targets again, so that output indicates the devices are unusable. To remove a device from the operating system device tree, it must be unusable.

  4. Remove the device from the cfgadm database. On the HBA, enter the following commands:
    # cfgadm -c unconfigure -o unusable_SCSI_LUN c2::5006048acafe4a73
    # cfgadm -c unconfigure -o unusable_SCSI_LUN c3::5006048acafe4a7c
  5. To verify that the LUNs have been removed, repeat step 2.
  6. Clean up the device tree. The following command removes the /dev/dsk links to /devices.
    # devfsadm -Cv

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