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To know about cadence of InfoScale OS support, see Cadence: InfoScale OS support (AIX, RHEL, SLES, SOL).

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InfoScale v7.4.3 is a minor short-term release that adds initial support for Kubernetes and other Customer requested features. Veritas will provide limited product bug fixes (excluding platform patches for new OS versions) for v7.4.3 until the release of v8.0. Once launched, InfoScale v8.0 will replace v7.4.3 and support for v7.4.3 will wind down. Customers should upgrade to v7.4.3 ONLY if they have a critical need for deploying features released in v7.4.3. All others are encouraged to wait for the release of v8.0 before upgrading.
Note: Oracle Linux UEK kernel is only supported by VCS or InfoScale Availability.
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