Veritas™ Services and Operations Readiness Tools (SORT) is a set of web-based tools that optimizes the end to end experience for Veritas products. SORT offers information for understanding products, eases installation and upgrade, improves operational efficiency, recommends configurations to align to best practices, and enables you to manage the products proactively.

Data collector
Data Collectors
Prepare for your next installation or upgrade, identify risks, and obtain product inventory
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Manage reports, track system configurations, and subscribe for real time updates
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Customer and Partner Engagement Program
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SORT 6.5 is available!

On Nov 3, 2022, SORT delivered another release. In this release, it includes a few updates as below.

  • Added product landing page for InfoScale Operations Manager to locate the resources easily.
  • Improve search results for documentation on SORT.
  • You can also find the features updated for InfoScale and NetBackup latest releases.
NetBackup was generally available on June 27, 2022!
SORT 6.3 is available!

On Jun 27, 2022, SORT delivered another release with the following update.

For InfoScale:

  • Enhance VCS command collection in Vxexplorer
  • SORT UNIX Data Collector - Vxexplorer enhancements
    • Be able to generate SUMMARY file for VCS commands
    • Be able to generate SUMMARY file for Solaris ZFS information
    • Be able to genearate SUMMARY file for Veritas DMP related information
    • Capture 'virtinfo -c' in ldom_folder for Solaris SPARC
  • Allow to modify the log folder in Windows Data Collector GUI version

For Appliances:

  • Updated Appliance Compatibility List for Access Appliance, NetBackup Appliance
  • Be able to export Appliance Compatibility List as PDF file

For NetBackup, please refer to the separate news for details.


Access 8.0 and Access Appliance 3350 were generally available on May 2nd, 2022!

Access 8.0 and Access Appliance 3350 were generally available on May 2nd, 2022!

NetBackup Appliance 5.0 and Virtual Appliance 5.0 was generally available on April 25th, 2022!
  • SORT Installation and Upgrade checklist ( been updated to support NetBackup Appliance 5.0 (Appliance 5240,5250,5330,5340,5350) and Virtual Appliance 5.0 (vSphere 6.7,vSphere 7.0)

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