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What is SORT?

Veritas™ Services and Operations Readiness Tools (SORT) is a set of web-based tools that optimizes the end to end experience for Veritas products. SORT offers information for understanding products, eases installation and upgrade, improves operational efficiency, recommends configurations to align to best practices, and enables you to manage the products proactively.

Latest News

SORT improvement on March 28

SORT delivered the following update today:

  • Enterprise Vault can be found under 'PRODUCTS' navigation
  • Enterprise Vault.cloud can be found under 'PRODUCTS' navigation
  • Removed Categories from SORT Documents filters so that you can get all the documents for specific product version/platform in just one page.

Flex Appliance 1.2 is Generally Available on Feb 26

Flex Appliance 1.2 is Generally Available on Feb 26, 2019. You can find SORT Support for it.

For Flex Appliance 1.2 new install ISO, go to Veritas Entitlement Management System(VEMS) by clicking the Veritas Support 'Licensing' option.

SORT 5.0 is available

On Jan 24, 2019, SORT delivered a release with the following features and enhancements.

  • Reorganized SORT Navigations and refreshed the landing pages to improve user experience for locating SORT features and capabilities. 
  • Added videos about the update of SORT. To start to use SORT, you can watch the videos. More videos about how to use SORT will be published later.
  • Enabled the direct access to product landing pages to find out SORT features for each product. You can access it by clicking the product in the navigation 'PRODUCTS' or 'Supported Products' in the landing page.
  • Added Latest News in SORT landing page.
  • Centralized patches on SORT, including NetBackup hotfixes downloads at NetBackup Hotfix Lookup
  • Ease the way to subscribe notifications for documents in Documents 
  • Enhanced NBU/NBUA EEB Notification Feature by sending notifications only when the EEB# is valid and has changes.
  • Supported Windows Server 2019 for Windows Data Collector and Install&Upgrade Checklists for NetBackup
  • Polished NetBackup Operating System Compatibility checker's style to reduce click efforts and  consistent with DB checker.

New SORT Release on Sept 17

On Sept 17, 2018, SORT delivered a release with the following features and enhancements.


Access 7.4.1 

Data Insight 6.1.2

Resiliency Platform / CloudMobility 3.3

CloudPoint 2.1

 NetBackup 8.1.2 

Other fixes related to supporting NetBackup:

  • WinDC Performance Tuning: Skip getting host ID for NBU family checks to resolve hang issue
  • Resolved NBDB check issue
  • Resolved the issue -In "product lookup/platform lookup" page, EEB Auditor is single line and doesn't disappear when inputting
  • Resolved the issue – Installation & Upgrade checklist - Filter/Collapse doesn't function

NetBackup 8.1.2 was generally available on Sep 17


SORT new UI Update

How to subscribe Document notifications on SORT