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Veritas is committed to providing the best possible data protection experience for Storage Foundation/Veritas InfoScale and NetBackup (the "Products") customers on the widest variety of platforms, operating systems, databases, applications, and hardware. Veritas is continuously reviewing the Products' support of these items to ensure the proper balance of supporting their General Availability release, the very latest versions of new software, hardware and introducing new features and functionality and maintaining support for existing and older versions of these products and the Products' functionality. While Veritas is continually adding support for new features, platforms, operating systems, and applications, it may be also necessary to improve, replace, or remove support in the Products for lesser used, older features, functionality, software, OS, databases, applications, integration with other products, and hardware that are no longer supported or nearing their end of support life from the manufacturer from Storage Foundation/Veritas InfoScale and NetBackup Compatibility Lists.

To better help its customers to plan for these upcoming changes to the support status of these items in the Products, Veritas will provide advanced notification as soon as possible as listed below. Veritas intends to list the older product functionality, features, hardware, OS, and 3rd party software products that will no longer be supported in the next release of the Products. If possible, these items are listed at least six months before that release.

The information below lists certain features, functionality, 3rd-party and Veritas products, applications, databases, and OS/Platforms for which Veritas intends to replace with newer and improved functionality, or in some cases, discontinue without replacement. The last release of the Products to proliferate support of the item is provided. Technotes in the Notes column contain additional details about available replacement options. Where a major or minor release version is specified, the version is supported through the last Maintenance Update (patch) of that release. Where 'All' is specified, it is supported for all versions or variations of the family of the relevant or supported platforms.

Check this site frequently for updated information for the Products. If an item listed below will cause significant business impacts, contact your Veritas Sales Account Team. Please note that the official Storage Foundation/Veritas InfoScale /NetBackup Support Lifecycle for the existing version of the Products won't be affected or altered in any way. For the official Veritas Support Lifecycle Policy of all versions of the Products, see

To know about cadence of InfoScale OS support, see Cadence: InfoScale OS support (AIX, RHEL, SLES, SOL).

Information in the following table was last updated on 2020-05-08.
Date Added/Date Modified/ETAsInfoScale/SFHA Future Platform and Feature PlansInfoScale/SFHA ProductOSOS VersionCPU ArchitectureFirst Supported ReleaseLast Supported ReleaseSupport Discontinued ReleaseNotes
2020-05-08OS SupportAIX7.2 TL4POWER7.3.1Supported
2020-05-08OS SupportAllRed Hat Enterprise Linux6.8x86-646.0.5Supported
2020-05-08OS SupportAllRed Hat Enterprise Linux7.7x86-647.4supported
2020-05-08OS SupportAllRed Hat Enterprise Linux7.8x86-647.3.1GA on 22nd May 2020
2020-05-08OS SupportAllRed Hat Enterprise Linux7.8x86-647.4.1supported
2020-05-08OS SupportAllSolaris11 update 3x86-646.0.5Supported
2020-05-08OS SupportAllSolaris11 update 4x86-646.0.5GA planned by 15th June 2020
2020-05-08OS SupportAllSUSE Linux Enterprise Server12 SP4x86-646.2.1Supported
2020-05-08OS SupportAllSUSE Linux Enterprise Server12 SP5x86-647.3.1GA between 8th to 15 May 2020
2020-05-08OS SupportAll (InfoScale)AIX7.2 TL0POWER7.1Supported
2020-05-08OS SupportAll (Infoscale)Red Hat Enterprise Linux8x86-647.4.1Supported
2020-05-08OS SupportAll (Infoscale)Red Hat Enterprise Linux8.1x86-647.4.1Supported
2020-05-08OS SupportAll (Infoscale)Red Hat Enterprise Linux8.2x86-647.4.1Supported
2020-05-08OS SupportAll (InfoScale)SUSE Linux Enterprise Server11 SP4x86-647.0.1Supported
2020-05-08OS SupportAll (Infoscale)SUSE Linux Enterprise Server12 SP5x86-647.4.1Supported
2020-05-08OS SupportAll (Infoscale)SUSE Linux Enterprise Server15 SP1x86-647.4.1Supported
2020-05-08P-PatchAllAIX7.2 TL4POWER7.4.1GA on 25th May 2020
2019-10-14OS SupportAllRed Hat Enterprise Linux7.7x86-646.2.1supported
2019-09-16OS SupportAllRed Hat Enterprise Linux7.7x86-647.3.1supported
2019-08-13OS SupportAllRed Hat Enterprise Linux7.7x86-647.4.1supported
2019-06-30OS SupportAllRed Hat Enterprise Linux7.5x86-647.1Not planned as of now
2019-06-30OS SupportAllRed Hat Enterprise Linux7.6x86-647.1Supported
2019-06-30OS SupportAllSUSE Linux Enterprise Server12 SP4x86-647.3.1Supported
2019-06-14P-PatchAllSolaris11 Update 4SPARC7.3.1supported
2019-06-03OS SupportAllRed Hat Enterprise Linux7.6x86-647.2Supported
2019-05-31OS SupportAllRed Hat Enterprise Linux7.6x86-647.3.1Supported
2019-04-30OS SupportAllSUSE Linux Enterprise Server12 SP4x86-647.4.1Supported
2019-04-16OS SupportAllSolaris11 Update 4SPARC6.2.1Supported
2019-02-28OS SupportAllSolaris11 Update 4SPARC7.3.1Supported
2019-02-28OS SupportAllSolaris11 Update 4SPARC7.4Supported
2019-02-26OS SupportAllRed Hat Enterprise Linux6.10x86-647.1Supported
2019-01-31P-PatchAllAIX7.1 TL5POWER7.3.1Supported
2019-01-31P-PatchAllAIX7.2 TL3POWER7.3.1Supported
2019-01-01OS SupportAllRed Hat Enterprise Linux7.6x86-647.4Supported
2017-06-05OS SupportAllOracle Linux6.9x86-646.2.1Compatible
2017-06-05OS SupportAllOracle Linux7.4x86-646.2.1Compatible
2017-06-05OS SupportAllRed Hat Enterprise Linux6.9x86-646.0.5Supported
2017-06-05OS SupportAllRed Hat Enterprise Linux7.4x86-646.2.1Supported
2017-06-05OS SupportAllSUSE Linux Enterprise Server12 SP2x86-646.2.1Supported
2017-06-05OS SupportAllSUSE Linux Enterprise Server12 SP3x86-646.2.1Supported
2017-06-05OS SupportAll (InfoScale)AIX7.2 TL1POWER7.1Supported
2017-06-05OS SupportAll (InfoScale)CentOS6.9x86-647.3
2017-06-05OS SupportAll (InfoScale)CentOS7.4x86-647.3Compatible
2017-06-05OS SupportAll (InfoScale)Oracle Linux6.9x86-647.0.1Compatible
2017-06-05OS SupportAll (InfoScale)Oracle Linux7.3x86-647.0.1CompatibleSupported on 7.1 and 7.2. Qualification in progress for 7.0.1.
2017-06-05OS SupportAll (InfoScale)Oracle Linux7.4x86-647.0.1Compatible
2017-06-05OS SupportAll (InfoScale)Red Hat Enterprise Linux6.9x86-647.0.1Supported
2017-06-05OS SupportAll (InfoScale)Red Hat Enterprise Linux7.3x86-647.0.1Supported
2017-06-05OS SupportAll (InfoScale)Red Hat Enterprise Linux7.4x86-647.0.1Supported
2017-06-05OS SupportAll (InfoScale)SUSE Linux Enterprise Server12 SP2x86-647.0.1
2017-06-05OS SupportAll (InfoScale)SUSE Linux Enterprise Server12 SP3x86-647.0.1
2017-02-20OS SupportAllOracle Linux7.3x86-646.2.1Compatible
2017-02-20OS SupportAllRed Hat Enterprise Linux7.3x86-646.2.1Supported
2016-07-28OS SupportAllAIX7.1 TL4POWER6.0.5Supported
2016-07-28OS SupportAllOracle Linux6.8x86-646.2.1
2016-07-28OS SupportAllRed Hat Enterprise Linux6.8x86-647.0.1Supported
2016-07-28OS SupportAll (InfoScale)Oracle Linux6.8x86-647.0.1Supported
2016-05-24OS SupportAllSolaris11 update 3SPARC6.0.5Supported
2016-05-24OS SupportAll (InfoScale)Solaris11 update 3SPARC7.0.1Supported
2016-05-24OS SupportAll (InfoScale)SUSE Linux Enterprise Server12 SP1x86-647.0.1Supported
2016-04-06OS SupportAll (InfoScale)AIX7.1 TL4POWER7.0.1Supported
2016-04-06OS SupportAll (InfoScale)Oracle Linux7.2x86-647.0.1Not supported
2016-04-06OS SupportAll (InfoScale)Red Hat Enterprise Linux7.2x86-647.0.1supported in GA
2016-02-02OS SupportAllSUSE Linux Enterprise Server11 SP4x86-646.0.5Supported
* The data sources were updated on 2020-05-08.
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